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  • What is Potentiometer
    What is Potentiometer

    ——A potentiometer is a tunable electronic component. It consists of a resistance body and a rotating or sliding system.

  • Application of Hollow Encoder
    Application of Hollow Encoder

    ——Hollow encoders are generally used in automobile air conditioning knobs, air fryer knobs, electric oven rotary switches, electric fan rotary switches, etc., and are widely used.

  • Hollow Encoder
    Hollow Encoder

    ——Hollow encoder A control sensor based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. If the sinusoidal excitation current is raised in the rotor windin…

  • Customer Visiting
    Customer Visiting

    ——Today, we get the first lot of customer in 2020, also the first customer since we moved into the new factory!

  • Back to work
    Back to work

    ——On Feb.24th, we back to work ! Now we find, it is so good that we are able to stay in the office ,rather than staying at home all the day!! Hope everything will be become normal sooner!

  • Lunar New Year Holiday
    Lunar New Year Holiday

    ——We has been closed for the Lunar New Year holiday from Jan.18th , till Feb.3rd.

  • Move to the new factory
    Move to the new factory

    ——One year of building , finally the new factory was be ready sooner. In Dec., the outer and inner decoration was being done.

  • One new Auto-Machine
    One new Auto-Machine

    ——Since Sep of this year, the business for the potentiometer, encoder, rotary switch ,knob , are keeping up, our old production capacity is unworkable, the lead time is a little longer than the before.

  • Happy National Days Holiday
    Happy National Days Holiday

    ——Oct.1st 2019 is China’s 70th’s National Day, Most of the company will have 7 days holiday to cerebrate that great day!

  • New products
    New products

    ——Besides the normal products with the normal spec. we will always do some customized products for potentiometer, encoder, and the rotary switches, just to satisfied with the customer’s different demands.

  • Customer visiting
    Customer visiting

    ——On Sep.6,2019, Our old friend, Alice, visited our company, along with their engineer.

  • FIEE 2019
    FIEE 2019

    ——Time: July 23~26th. Add : Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

  • Train: QRQC
    Train: QRQC

    ——Time: July 16~17th,2019 / Add: Inside Yuhao