Our star Product :WH9011A
Thursday 14th March 2019

WH9011 is the one of our company main products which is a 9 MM rotary potentiometer.It is used to apply to car amplifier or dimmer. WH9011A is a 9 MM rotary potentiometer with mental shaft.

Mechanical specifications:  
Total rotation angle 300°±10°
Rotation torque 5~25mN.m(50~250gf.cm)
Shaft stop strength 0.4N.m(4Kgf.cm)
Switch working angle/stroke ≤ 50°
Switch working force/torque 5~30mN.m(50~300gf.cm)
Click position 0/32/40 detent
Elecrical specifications:  
Total resistance 5KΩ~500KΩ
Resistance taper A、B、C
Switch rating DC 16V 1A
Switch contact resistance Less than 50mΩ
Rated wattage 0.05w
Rated voltage 50V AC
Max,operating voltage

Curve              B:50VAC

Other curve    B:25VAC

Insulation resistance More than 100MΩ at DC250V
Dielectric AC300V,1 minute
Resistance tolerance ±20%
Rotational noise  ≤47MV
Residual resistance

R≥250KΩ 0.1% max.of total resistance

250KΩ>R>10KΩ                    20Ω max.

10KΩ ≥R                                10Ω max.

Tracking error

B              0~-20dB±2dB

A C D       0~-40dB±3dB

Mechanical life:  
Rotary life 10,000 cycles


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