The encoder has the following characteristics: small volume, low noise, compact product structure, good sealing, smooth hand and high precision gluing technology, its coding stability. It is mainly used in automobile host, automobile acoustics, bluetooth speakers, air conditioning, household appliances, instruments, oscilloscopes, medical instruments and instruments, audio and video effects, portable DJ, etc. Every month, we can supply 300,000 to 500,000 encoders. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality system and TS16949 system certification. If necessary, please contact miss Chen at 0519-88230508.

Sreies Type Photo Detents Switch Shaft Ratational/Sliding life Operating direction Packaging Form Qty/Carton
Carton Size
Gross Weight
12mm EC12-1S-L9F2.5 EC12-1S-L9F2.5 12mm series rotary encoder,SMT encoder 12/24 YES PLASTIC 10,000 CYCLES Vertical Foam 2000 37*28*39 12
12mm EC12-2B-L20F7 EC12-2B-L20F7 rotary encoder,horizontal encoder 12/24 NO PLASTIC 10,000 CYCLES Horizontal Foam 2000 37*28*39 12
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