• EC11-1-D7*6.5-L20KQ 20mm length encoder
  • EC11-1-D7*6.5-L20KQ 20mm length encoder
Sreies 11mm
Type EC11-1-D7*6.5-L20KQ
Detents 20/30
Switch NO
Ratational/Sliding life 10,000 CYCLES
Operating direction Vertical
Packaging Form Foam
Qty/Carton(PCS) 2000
Carton Size(cm) 37*28*39
Gross Weight(Kg) 14
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EC11-1-D7*6.5-L20KQ 20mm length encoder

Rotary encoder EC11-1-D7*6.5-L20KQ has following features:Vertical installation horizontal adjustment,small size and low noise.Main of EC11-1-D7*6.5-L20KQ is in automotive host,automotive audio,bluetooth speakers, air conditioning and so on.We can supply 100,000 pcs every month,it can be shipped within 15 days after receiving the order.

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